• Government sponsored experiments to craft the best pro-vaccine messages FIVE MONTHS before COVID-19 vaccines became available

    4 days ago - By Natural News

    So-called public health experts sponsored by the federal government had been conducting experiments on how to make people take the Wuhan coronavirus vaccines six months before they first became available. Researchers from Yale University conducted the study back in July 2020, at least five months before the first COVID-19 vaccine received an emergency use authorization. It was published in...
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  • Two New Studies Show Quercetin Improves COVID Outcomes

    Two New Studies Show Quercetin Improves COVID Outcomes

    4 days ago - By Mercola

    In an August 21, 2021, newsletter, 1 Dr. Michael Murray discussed the use of quercetin for respiratory infection symptoms. In November 2020, he'd suffered a “very mild and brief bout of COVID-19,” and one of his “secret weapons,” he believes, might have been quercetin.
    He also recounts an anecdotal story of a friend who developed suspicious respiratory symptoms. His friend had been taking a number of supplements said to offer protection, but was still feeling awful.
    As it turns out, the one thing he'd not taken was quercetin, and as soon as he did, that same day, his symptoms started to...
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  • TGA approves first COVID-19 self-testing kits for use in Australia

    4 days ago - By Sydney Morning Herald

    Three rapid antigen test kits will be able to be available from November 1.
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  • Cash for cyclists, new motorist fees to calm post-pandemic traffic

    4 days ago - By Sydney Morning Herald

    Cash incentives for cyclists, higher kerbside parking fares and new charges for motorists could pave the road to recovery for the CBD, after suffering the shocks of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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  • Covid: Lateral flow tests more accurate than first thought, study finds

    4 days ago - By BBC

    Positive results from the widely-used rapid Covid tests should be trusted, say UCL researchers.
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  • More than half of COVID-19 survivors experience "long COVID", researchers say

    4 days ago - By News Medical

    More than half of the 236 million people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 worldwide since December 2019 will experience post-COVID symptoms -; more commonly known as "long COVID" -; up to six months after recovering, according to Penn State College of Medicine researchers.
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