• In reply to “re: Antibiotic prophylaxis in breast reduction surgery: A systematic review and meta-analysis”

    One year ago - By Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

    We read with interest the letter written by Drs. Bechar, Skillman and Hardwicke criticizing some points on methodology of our article, published previously in this journal,1 however, we have some points to expose and explain.
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  • The effects of prebiotic, probiotic and synbiotic supplementation on blood parameters of renal function: a systematic review and meta-analysis of clinical trials

    One year ago - By Nutrition JRNL

    • Prebiotic, probiotic and synbiotic tended to reduce glomerular filtration rate.• Prebiotic, probiotic and symbiotic supplementation had no effect on creatinine.• Prebiotic, probiotic and synbiotic supplementation increased uric acid.• Prebiotic, probiotic and symbiotic decreased urea and blood urea nitrogen.
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