• New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week - Edition 140

    1 month ago - By Mark's Daily Apple

    Research of the Week
    Mussels remove microplastics from the water and poop them out .
    Small amounts of alcohol may help make people with heart trouble healthier .
    Reminder : there is no “junk” DNA.
    Mice can willfully give themselves dopamine pulses. Can you?
    More omega-3 in the blood, longer life .
    New Primal Blueprint Podcasts
    Episode 510: Lisa Easton: Host Elle Russ chats with Lisa Easton.
    Episode 511: Lifestyle Tips for Testosterone Optimization, Part 2 : Brad Kearns tells you how to improve your hormonal health.
    Health Coach Radio : PD Mangan sets the example and watches his clients...
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