• Petition seeks COVID-19 testing, reporting, warnings for meat and poultry

    1 month ago - By Food Safety

    An impressive sounding name - Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - is not likely to make up for the advocacy group's lack of scientific evidence for a new petition it has filed with USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service .
    A statement from the FSIS said the Physicians Committee request for testing meat and poultry for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 is being considered as a rulemaking petition without providing any scientific studies or other supportive information to show that it can be transmitted by food or food packaging. SARS-CoV-2 is a virus that causes COVID-19.
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  • Coronavirus: 3D Printed Nasal Swabs Designed

    Coronavirus: 3D Printed Nasal Swabs Designed

    1 month ago - By Medindia Health

    COVID-19: Local 3D printed nasal swabs designed by researchers were found to solve supply chain problems.
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  • COVID 'Immunity Passport' No More Reliable Than a Coin Flip

    1 month ago - By Medscape

    For most of us, a positive COVID-19 antibody test would correspond to a 50/50 chance that we actually have antibodies against the virus. Dr F. Perry Wilson explains.
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  • WVU partnership produces thousands of swabs to meet demands for COVID-19 testing

    1 month ago - By News Medical

    With significantly increased testing a key component in the battle against COVID-19, the Innovation Hub at West Virginia University is working with WVU Medicine to churn out up to 10,000 swabs weekly to meet demands for tests.
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