• COVID-19 risk lower with Moderna vs. Pfizer vaccine, but both are highly effective

    1 month ago - By Healio

    In a new study, both messenger RNA vaccines available in the U.S. demonstrated high effectiveness against COVID-19, although the Moderna vaccine was associated with a lower risk for infection and hospitalization than the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.
    The trial is the “first head-to-head comparison of the effectiveness” of each vaccine, according to a press release.
    “Given the high effectiveness of both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, confirmed by our study, either one is recommended to any individual offered a choice between the two,” Barbra A. Dickerman, PhD, a study author
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  • Stress in Utero: COVID Chaos and Babies' Future Health

    Stress in Utero: COVID Chaos and Babies' Future Health

    1 month ago - By Medscape

    The impact of unusually high in-utero stress might persist for decades in some U.S. babies born during the pandemic.
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  • Is Florida really the safest state in the U.S. for COVID? Don't trust this CDC map that went viral online

    1 month ago - By Orlando Sentinel

    A U.S. map circulating widely online shows Florida with COVID-19 transmission rates lower than any other state - a rosy view that many are touting as proof that Florida is managing the pandemic better than others. But an analysis of the data behind the map shows missing numbers for Florida that leads to misleading conclusions.
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