• Local authority shortages could impact food safety checks

    1 month ago - By Food Safety

    More than half of local authorities in England are not taking on trainees or apprentices in environmental health because of funding and capacity issues, according to a survey.
    The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health said findings from its workforce survey of environmental health professionals were “concerning.”
    A third of Environmental Health Practitioners in local authorities specialize in food safety and hygiene, followed by a quarter in private sector housing and a fifth in environmental protection. Only 4 percent focus on food standards.
    Trainees and apprenticeships are key...
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  • Ag Secretary Vilsack, Food Safety Deputy Eskin in court defense of new hog inspection program

    1 month ago - By Food Safety

    On the same day that a federal judge in Minnesota issued an order slowing line speeds under the New Swine Inspection Program, attorneys for USDA in California filed a cutting 45-page answer to an amended complaint by other plaintiffs also wishing to bring down the program.
    Filed in U.S District Court for the Northern District of California, USDA responded for Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Deputy Under Secretary for Food Safety Sandra Eskin.
    “At the outset, defendants object to plaintiffs' Second Amended Complaint for failing to set forth a short and plain statement of the claims...
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  • Publisher's Platform: Food Safety Suggestions to Expecting Moms from a Food Safety Lawyer

    Publisher's Platform: Food Safety Suggestions to Expecting Moms from a Food Safety Lawyer

    1 month ago - By Food Safety

    A few days ago, “Down Under” a.k.a. Australia, my friend, food safety guru, and for some strange reason, eater of raw shellfish, Dr. Julian Cox, was speaking about the risk of pregnant women consuming unpasteurized juice or cider and tahini or hummus. The risk to the mother and the baby is Listeria, which can spread from the human digestive tract to the placenta causing miscarriage or birth defects.
    It did get me thinking about what risks of foodborne illness women have during pregnancy. Here are my thoughts about what women should avoid while carrying a child.
    Bacteria, parasites, and...
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