• How Math Homework Brought My Tween Daughter And I Back To Each Other

    1 month ago - By Scary Mommy

    The first time my 12 year old daughter asked me about hiring a math tutor, I said “no” because... well... I'm cheap.
    Plus, I felt confident that my partner and I could field her questions when they arose.
    Then, a few months later, after I'd repeatedly stayed up until 11 p.m. with Lily, working out pre-algebra problems, my husband re-introduced the math tutor idea.
    I gave it the slap-down again.
    This time, though, my “no” wasn't an outgrowth of stinginess and arrogance.
    This time, it was because, in this pandemic moment - when my pre-adolescent daughter holes up in her room for hours each...
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