• Frequent, rapid testing could cripple COVID-19 within weeks, study shows

    10 days ago - By ScienceDaily

    When it comes to curbing the spread of COVID-19, test frequency and test turnaround-time are far more important than test sensitivity, according to a new study. The authors say frequent, rapid tests make 'personalized stay-at-home orders' possible.
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  • Pfizer Seeks COVID Vaccine OK As Roll Out Planned

    Pfizer Seeks COVID Vaccine OK As Roll Out Planned

    11 days ago - By Web MD

    If the committee approves Pfizer's vaccine, distribution could begin within 24 hours. The Pfizer vaccine has already been manufactured under a $1.95 billion contract with the government. And some states have already made plans for how to distribute the vaccine.
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  • Pfizer Applies for Emergency F.D.A. Approval for Covid-19 Vaccine

    11 days ago - By NY Times

    A large team of regulators at the agency will take about three weeks to review an application spanning thousands of pages.
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  • Pfizer Files for FDA Emergency Use Authorization of COVID Vaccine

    11 days ago - By Medscape

    The safety and efficacy data will also be reviewed by an FDA advisory committee before any decision is issued.
    Medscape Medical News
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  • Pfizer, BioNTech submit to FDA, say vaccine will be ready ‘within hours' of authorization

    11 days ago - By Healio

    The first COVID-19 vaccine could be available for use in high-risk populations as early as mid-December after Pfizer and BioNTech announced plans to submit an emergency use authorization request to the FDA on Friday.
    The companies said the two-dose vaccine will be ready for distribution “within hours” of an FDA authorization, with up to 50 million doses available globally by the end of the year, enough to vaccinate up to 25 million people. They said 1.3 billion doses could be available by the end of 2021.
    The FDA has not publicly announced a meeting of the Vaccines and Related
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