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Here's The Problem With Those Apps That Make Teens Return Parents' Calls

Posted On: Jan 14, 2019   |   Posted By: Scary Mommy

Recently, an article about a controversial app that allowed a parent to control a teen's cell phone remotely was making the rounds again in my news feed. The “Ignore No More” app was designed in 2014 by Houston mom Sharon Standifird and allowed parents to remotely disable a cell phone if their teen hadn't returned their call or text in a timely manner.
“If your children ignore your repeated calls and text messages to reach them, you simply lock their phones until they call you back,” said the description of the app. “When you lock your child's phone with Ignore No More your child has only two options - he or she can call you back, or call for an emergency responder. No calls to friends, no text, no games, notta' until they call you back. When they do, you can unlock their phone if you choose to do so.”
In a 2014 interview with Forbes magazine , Standifird reported that the app was working in her home and that her kids were, in fact, calling and texting her back more quickly than they had been before using...

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