The Husband in the Widely-Mocked Peloton Ad Has Spoken Out

Posted On: Dec 17, 2019   |   Posted By: Health

Last month, high-end exercise equipment company Peloton released a 30-second ad that has now been widely mocked and called out, with some noting how offensive it could be to buy your partner workout equipment as a gift, and others wondering why anyone would display their Instagram Stories on a TV in front of their family.
And now, the disgraced husband in the ad - or, rather, the actor who plays him - has spoken out.
In a statement written for Psychology Today (sent to a contributor who happens to be a friend of his), Sean James, an actor and elementary school teacher in Vancouver, Canada, opened up about the backlash that has ensued since the ad's release.
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At first, he said, the response to it was pretty positive: "My acting coach messaged me after seeing the video and said that I looked great!"
He described his experience filming the ad in September, which he said was a "wonderful time" with an amazing cast and crew, including the...

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