• A Good Marriage May Help Keep You Thin, Study Says

    10 monthes ago - By Time

    Over the years, researchers have found more than a few health benefits associated with a supportive marriage, from a longer life to a lower risk of heart attacks. When it comes to weight, however, married couples have appeared to be at a disadvantage. Some research has suggested that getting married may make people gain weight, and one study of newlyweds even found a connection between marital satisfaction and packing on the pounds.
    A new study, however, has good news for the happily coupled. It found that the better and more supportive a person's marriage, the less likely he or she is to...
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  • Vest Defibrillator May Help Heart Attack Survivors

    Vest Defibrillator May Help Heart Attack Survivors

    10 monthes ago - By Web MD

    The defibrillator - housed in a lightweight vest worn directly against the skin - continuously monitors the wearer's heart. It sounds an alarm and/or verbally announces the need for medical care if needed.
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