• Concussion increases risk for cognitive, psychiatric impairments in hockey players

    One year ago - By Healio

    Recent findings indicated small objective associations between exposure to concussion and cognitive impairment in retired professional hockey players.“The majority of recent published research on retired professional athletes concerns football players with earlier literature focusing on boxing. In order to determine the generalization of findings in professional athletes, there is a need to extend this research to other contact sports,” Carrie Esopenko, PhD, of Baycrest Health Sciences, Rotman Research Institute, Toronto, and colleagues wrote.
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  • Hockey players with multiple concussions may have other injuries in their brains, research reveals

    One year ago - By News Medical

    The relationship between head injuries suffered during contact sport and Alzheimer's disease is now being called into question thanks to research by the Sahlgrenska Academy, which has revealed that hockey players with multiple concussions probably have other injuries in their brains.
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