• New imaging technique aims to ensure surgeons completely remove cancer

    One year ago - By ScienceDaily

    A new technology generates cellular images detailed enough to distinguish cancerous from normal tissue. Researchers are working on speeding up the technology so it can be used during surgery, allowing surgeons to know if they have removed all the cancer while they still have time to take out more.
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  • 5 Big Qs on Inherited Prostate Cancer Testing

    One year ago - By Medscape

    After a 20-year flow of new data on the subject, there is finally a consensus statement about when to do genetic testing for inherited prostate cancer risk.
    Medscape Medical News
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  • Higher Volume Radiation Facilities Associated With Better Survival Rates for Men with High Risk Prostate Cancer

    One year ago - By BWH

    New research finds improvement in overall survival rates among men with aggressive prostate cancer who were treated with radiation at a facility that frequently performs that treatment.
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  • ​This New, Easy Prostate Cancer Test Can Reduce Unnecessary Biopsies By 50 Percent

    ​This New, Easy Prostate Cancer Test Can Reduce Unnecessary Biopsies By 50 Percent

    One year ago - By Mens health

    Photograph by Getty Images
    ​The PSA test often leads to over-diagnosis and overtreatment-can this be the solution?
    Using the prostate-specific antigen test to screen for prostate cancer is controversial : First, doctors used to perform it on nearly every man over 50. Then in 2012, the U.S. Preventive Task Force recommended against it as a tool for preventive care.
    But back in April, the Task Force changed their tune, recommending that men ages 55 to 69 talk with their doctor about their individual risks and benefits of getting the screening.
    Part of the controversy with PSA testing is that...
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