• Nearly 20 Years Later, Cancer Rates Higher in 9/11 First Responders

    1 month ago - By Web MD

    This particular group of responders appears to have an increased risk of developing thyroid cancer, leukemia and prostate cancer, as well as a slightly elevated overall risk of cancer, researchers report.
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  • Minimum Wage Raises Could Lower Suicide Rates, Study Says

    Minimum Wage Raises Could Lower Suicide Rates, Study Says

    1 month ago - By NY Times

    It was the latest study to suggest that effects of wage increases reach beyond economic welfare, but some experts pushed back on the findings.
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  • Blood-clotting protein and blood platelets promote immune evasion, cancer progression

    1 month ago - By ScienceDaily

    A new study reveals how a clotting protein and blood platelets can promote cancer progression and suppress immune responses to cancer.
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  • Increased Vegetable Intake and Prostate Cancer Progression

    1 month ago - By Medscape

    Clinical guidelines for prostate cancer survivors should not rely on epidemiologic data to support claims that a vegetable-rich diet could slow disease progression, caution US researchers.
    Medscape Medical News
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  • Increased Vegetable Intake Fails to Slow Prostate Cancer Progression, Study Finds

    1 month ago - By News Medical

    Researchers in the United States have conducted a study investigating whether a telephone-based interventional program encouraging an increased intake of vegetables would slow disease progression among patients with early-stage prostate cancer.
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