• An At-Home Coronavirus Test May Be On the Way in the U.S

    4 monthes ago - By Time

    As cases of COVID-19 continue to climb in the U.S. , there's a new urgency to make sure there are as many tests as possible to diagnose people who have symptoms that might indicate an infection. Knowing if people are positive is important for guiding their next steps: self-isolation, avoiding contact with others, and, if their symptoms get worse, seeking medical care.
    To date, access to tests has been spotty at best across the country, and while more kits are now available than even a week ago , most are gene-based assays that take several days for commercial labs to process and produce...
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  • Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19: What's the Evidence?

    4 monthes ago - By Medscape

    Everyone is talking about hydroxychloroquine and COVID-19, but there is no time to wait for large randomized trials. Will this be the end of evidence-based medicine as we know it?
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  • Everything You Need To Know About Hair Transplants

    4 monthes ago - By HealthWorks Collective

    People with less hair or facing hair fall can remedy the situation with the help of hair transplant. Thanks to medical science, it is very easy to get a hair transplant surgery these days.
    Due to its growing popularity, one can easily get Hair Transplantation Services in Trivandrum and all the other major cities in India. However, before you decide to undergo the surgery, here are some preliminary tips to help you make an informed decision.
    Choose your clinic wisely
    If you are planning to get a hair transplant, then it is important to choose the right clinic that will carry out the...
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  • What People With Parkinson's Need to Know About COVID-19

    What People With Parkinson's Need to Know About COVID-19

    4 monthes ago - By Web MD

    "People living with Parkinson's disease are at high risk if they contract COVID-19, whether they are above age 50 or if they have young-onset Parkinson's disease, which occurs in people younger than 50," said Dr. Frederick Southwick, an infectious disease expert at the University of Florida in Gainesville.
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