• Yes, You Can Get a Good Workout With Those Light Weights You Have at Home - Here's How

    1 month ago - By PopSugar

    If you're used to working out at a gym, with all the machines, equipment, and space that comes with it, adjusting to at-home fitness is a challenge. Sure, no-equipment workouts will keep you moving and sweating, but I won't deny that I've been missing the weight rack. Lifting does amazing things for your body and I miss progressing to heavier weights , getting stronger, and building muscle.
    Instead of weights, I've been lifting cans of chickpeas during my morning workouts. Even if you have a better home gym setup than me, or you managed to buy some dumbbells before they sold out everywhere...
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  • 100 Burpee Challenge Workout

    100 Burpee Challenge Workout

    1 month ago - By 12 Minute Athlete

    Workout equipment: No Equipment
    Workout type: Challenge
    Timer setting: Stopwatch
    Complete 100 burpees as fast as possible.
    Join us for the monthly 100 burpee challenge! Read all about the challenge here .
    April 100 Burpee Challenge Rules
    Step 1: Do the 100 burpee challenge. You have by the end of the weekend to complete the challenge.
    Step 2: Immediately after you do the challenge, snap a photo or video of yourself post-challenge. Post it to either Instagram , Twitter , or Facebook along with your current time AND the amount you've improved from last month. You can also email your photo to...
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