• Throw + Swing HIIT Workout

    5 monthes ago - By 12 Minute Athlete

    Workout equipment:
    Workout type: 12 minute
    Timer setting: 18 x :10 x :30 1. Kettlebell front squats 2. Medicine ball slams 3. Lunge w/ rotational twist 4. Kettlebell swings 5. Push up pike combo 6. Medicine ball twists
    Bonus: 20 Single leg deadlifts / leg
    Leave your reps in the comments below.
    My reps for today's workout:
    Kettlebell squats 18, 17, 17
    Medicine ball slams 23, 22, 22
    Lunge w/ rotational twists 15, 14, 14
    Kettlebell swings 18, 17, 17
    Push up pike combo 8, 7, 7
    Medicine ball twists 33, 32, 33
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    1 Piece of Equipment You Need to Maximize Your Home Workouts

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