• Eating This Common Breakfast Every Weekday Helped Ukwori Lose 65 Pounds

    One year ago - By PopSugar

    Three years ago, Ukwori and her then-boyfriend flirted with the idea of starting a weight-loss journey together. Shortly after, they broke up. But that didn't stop Ukwori from following through with her plans and embarking on her own weight-loss journey anyway - all by herself. Today, she couldn't be happier that she did, because she's down 65 pounds and her life has never been better. If Ukwori can turn things around for herself, anybody can! Read on for her full story.
    POPSUGAR: When did you start your weight-loss journey? What made you decide to?
    Ukwori Ukuku: I started my weight-loss...
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  • Eating More Slowly Can Help Weight Loss

    Eating More Slowly Can Help Weight Loss

    One year ago - By Medscape

    Eating more slowly, along with not eating within 2 hours of going to sleep, and cutting out after dinner snacks, could help with weight loss, researchers say.
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