• Twitter hosted account of mass shooter, so why isn't Twitter being banned and blacklisted everywhere?

    3 monthes ago - By Natural News

    It's come to light that the alleged gunman behind the mass shooting that the mainstream media claims took place in Dayton, Ohio, recently used Twitter as a means of carrying out his attack. Even as Big Tech targets 8chan and even Infowars, neither of which had any involvement with the shooting, Twitter is...
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  • Excess social media use harms teen health

    Excess social media use harms teen health

    3 monthes ago - By News Medical

    The incredible growth of social media over the last decade has fueled many debates on whether it's actually good or bad. Now, a new study sheds light on the effects of social media on the health and wellbeing in young people.
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  • Harms from social media use may come from cyberbullying, healthy lifestyle displacement

    3 monthes ago - By Healio

    Although very frequent use of social media may compromise the mental health and well-being of teenaged girls in England, these effects were largely mediated by cyberbullying, sleep and physical activity, longitudinal study findings published in Lancet Child & Adolescent Health revealed.
    These findings suggest that interventions to simply decrease social media use to improve the mental health of adolescents might be misplaced, according to the researchers.
    “Emerging evidence suggests that online social media use that involves rejection and acceptance experiences and peer feedback (both
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