• Move of the Week: Straight-Line Side Lifts

    5 monthes ago - By Health

    The secret to flat abs and a tiny tummy are not found on the floor doing thousands of crunches-trust us! When it comes to a flat belly, diet and cardio are just as important as strength training.
    But once you're on the right track with food and fitness, adding in some serious core-kicking moves will certainly help tone and tighten that tummy you've been running / biking / swimming so hard to get.
    Some flat-belly moves are meant to give you a 6-pack, others target your inner abdominals to shrink from within, while others engage your lower tummy to reduce the visible bloat.
    This move targets...
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  • Move of the Day: Bicycle Abs

    Move of the Day: Bicycle Abs

    5 monthes ago - By Health

    Crunches get boring, but this bicycle move amps up your typical ab workout and targets the obliques , the muscles on the sides of your abdomen. Add this move to your typical core workout , or try it on its own.
    How to do it: Lie flat on your back with hands behind the head, legs and feet lifted, and knees bent to a 90-degree angle. Lift the head and shoulders slightly off your mat. Twist the torso so your left shoulder moves toward the right knee. At the same time, extend and lower the left leg.
    Alternate sides for a total of 10 reps on each side.
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