• Research shows need to update food safety guidance for pregnant women

    1 month ago - By Food Safety

    Food safety advice for pregnant women has been updated in New Zealand including changes to suggestions about fish, certain cheeses and raw milk dairy products.
    The focus is Listeria monocytogenes, Toxoplasma gondii, methylmercury and caffeine, as these hazards have known specific impacts on the fetus. For Salmonella and Campylobacter, associated with adverse outcomes on the pregnancy period, supporting epidemiological evidence is weaker.
    New Zealand Food Safety advice on the topic during pregnancy was published in 2007. The Institute of Environmental Science and Research Limited helped...
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  • Resilience in Food Safety for 2021: Challenges of product tracking

    Resilience in Food Safety for 2021: Challenges of product tracking

    1 month ago - By Food Safety

    Editor's note: In part three of this four-part series with SafetyChain Software , Food Safety News reviews how food firms can become resilient in the face of 2021's new challenges, and how resilience will be needed in reducing supply chain risks.
    Dr. David Acheson, CEO & President of The Acheson Group, suggests that food firms will need resilience when addressing the challenges that come with product tracking.
    Facilitating product tracking
    Advancements in product tracking have allowed regulators to quickly find the correct source of a product linked to a foodborne illness...
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