• Raw Meat Not the Best Choice for Your Dog. or You

    9 monthes ago - By Web MD

    Raw meat diets for pets have become increasingly popular, but there is no evidence that they are healthier than typical pet foods, the researchers said.
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  • Feeding Pets a Raw-Meat Diet Can Be Dangerous for Them-and for You

    9 monthes ago - By Time

    Veterinarians are warning people about the potential risks of feeding dogs and cats raw meat-based diets-not just for the pets, but for their human owners, as well. In a new analysis of 35 commercial raw dog and cat foods, researchers found that 86% of products contained potentially dangerous bacteria.
    The new study, published in the BMJ's Vet Record , looked at dog and cat food commercially available in the Netherlands. In an email, the study authors said that raw-meat pet foods for sale in the United States are “without a doubt similar” to those tested in the study.
    Raw meat-based...
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