• Men With Erectile Dysfunction Are Twice As Likely to Have Heart Disease, Study Says

    9 monthes ago - By Time

    By now, most people are familiar with the factors that can increase the risk of having a heart attack: gaining too much weight, having high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels , smoking and not exercising enough .
    In a study published Monday in the journal Circulation , researchers say they have documented another risk factor that could help identify men at greatest risk of heart problems: Among a group of 1,900 men aged 60 to 78, those with erectile dysfunction were twice as likely as men without the condition to have a heart attack, stroke, or die of a heart problem.
    Around 20% of...
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  • Can Low-Intensity Care Solve High Health Care Costs?

    9 monthes ago - By NY Times

    The shift toward cheaper settings like outpatient clinics and homes is a worthy goal, but new research is showing us where we shouldn't cut corners.
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  • Research shows that treating cholestasis in father lowers risk of high blood pressure in son

    9 monthes ago - By News Medical

    New research led by Professor Catherine Williamson, School of Life Course Sciences, shows that using drugs to treat male mice with cholestasis reduced the likelihood of male offspring developing high blood pressure.
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