• An overview of spike protein antigen COVID-19 vaccine candidates

    4 days ago - By News Medical

    A new paper in the journal Reviews in Medical Virology provides a perspective on current vaccine development strategies and tools, which may allow the production of safe and effective vaccines.
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  • US death toll from COVID-19 at the brink of half a million lives - a milestone that does not come close to capturing the heartbreak

    4 days ago - By Orlando Sentinel

    After a year that has darkened doorways across the U.S., the pandemic was poised to surpass a milestone that once seemed unimaginable.
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  • Psychiatrists' Happiness, Well-Being Hit Hard by COVID-19

    4 days ago - By Medscape

    More psychiatrists are unhappy outside of work and report burnout and/or depression in Medscape's latest survey of happiness, wellness, and lifestyles.
    Medscape Medical News
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  • US deaths at brink of 500K, confirming virus' tragic reach

    4 days ago - By ABC News

    The U.S. death toll from COVID-19 has almost topped 500,000 - a number so staggering that a top health researchers says it is hard to imagine an American who hasn't lost a relative or doesn't know someone who died
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  • The One Area Where the U.S. COVID-19 Strategy Seems to Be Working

    4 days ago - By The Atlantic

    The American government's COVID-19 response has been a disaster, right? The United States strategy is a four-alarm dumpster fire, sent from hell to remind Americans to never again elect a president who describes the scientific method as “Now they have it, they have studied it, they know very much.” When people needed coronavirus guidance, U.S. leaders had none. Government officials told people not to wear masks , oh wait, to definitely wear masks -oh wait, there actually aren't any masks. Kindergartners went to internet school for a year because America simply refused to get a clue. In...
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