• Flattening the lice curve: Our chance to suppress nits

    1 month ago - By Sydney Morning Herald

    COVID-19 is not the only curve flattened by social distancing. If we play things right, the amount of lice in the school-aged population might also be suppressed for a long period.
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  • Beware of false negatives in diagnostic testing of COVID-19

    1 month ago - By ScienceDaily

    Researchers have found that the chance of a false negative result - when a virus is not detected in a person who actually is, or recently has been, infected - is greater than 1 in 5 and, at times, far higher.
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  • U.S. COVID-19 patients face long hospital stays and high rates of ICU admission

    1 month ago - By News Medical

    Hospitalized COVID-19 patients in the U.S. are enduring longer hospital stays and facing higher rates of intensive care unit admission than patients in China, finds a new study led by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, and Kaiser Permanente.
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  • Here's What We Actually Know About How Long COVID-19 Antibodies Could Last

    Here's What We Actually Know About How Long COVID-19 Antibodies Could Last

    1 month ago - By PopSugar

    A question on many minds right now: do you have antibodies for the novel coronavirus? And if you do have antibodies for COVID-19, how long will they last? Will Kimbrough , MD, a primary care provider at One Medical in Washington, DC, told POPSUGAR that while "this is a super hot topic at the moment, unfortunately - because the virus that causes COVID-19 is so new - there's no way for us to accurately know the answer yet." That said, researchers are making some progress in this area.
    The antibodies in question are two immunoglobulins, IgM and IgG, explained Kelly Snowden , physician's...
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