• Stippled Chondral Calcifications of the Patella in Zellweger Syndrome

    One year ago - By The Journal of Pediatrics

    A 6-day-old boy was transferred to the neonatal intensive care unit for further evaluation of hypotonia and dysmorphic features. There was a history of consanguinity. The infant was born at 34 weeks via precipitous delivery for failure to progress. Physical examination revealed a large anterior fontanel with prominent forehead and widely separated sutures, flattened facies with a broad nasal bridge, hepatomegaly, generalized hypotonia with minimal spontaneous movement, and brachydactyly.
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  • Sepsis: A Deadly Killer in Intensive Care Units

    Sepsis: A Deadly Killer in Intensive Care Units

    One year ago - By Medindia Health

    55.7% of sepsis cases in intensive care units end in death resulting in more than 230,000 sepsis related adult deaths every year.
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