• Balancing Hormones, Easing PMS and More: Red Clover Tea Benefits You Can Count On

    5 monthes ago - By Mercola

    Table of Contents
    What Is Red Clover Tea?
    5 Benefits of Red Clover Tea
    Nutritional Profile of Red Clover Tea: Does It Contain Caffeine?
    How to Make Red Clover Tea
    Red Clover Tea Side Effects
    Final Thoughts on Red Clover
    Red Clover Tea FAQs
    Red clover is valued in agriculture because it fixes nitrogen in the soil without the use of toxic fertilizers. It also prevents erosion, provides food for livestock and is hearty enough to survive in colder climates. 1 But this versatile plant has other applications as well.
    Natural healers have long attributed a myriad of health benefits to a potent...
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