• Wife of Soundgarden's Chris Cornell calls suicide 'inexplicable'

    One year ago - By Sydney Morning Herald

    The wife of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell said on Friday that she did not believe the singer meant to kill himself, suggesting anxiety drugs he was taking might have played a role in his death.
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  • Chris Cornell: When Suicide Doesn't Make Sense

    Chris Cornell: When Suicide Doesn't Make Sense

    One year ago - By The Huffington Post

    By Julie A. Fast
    Sometimes, people commit suicide and it does make some sense. It's scary and upsets our world, but on a basic level we think we understand. The suicide of Robin Williams comes to mind. He had a history of depression and his health was failing. Oh how we all wish he could have found more help, but I don't think it was as much surprising as it was devastating and sad for the millions who loved him when he died.
    Then there are suicides that make no sense. They don't fit in the current life of the person or fit what the person is actually saying about life in public. The...
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