• Transplant Docs Too Picky About Organs from Overdose Deaths?

    One year ago - By MedPageToday

    New evidence suggests these organs are perfectly OK
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  • Organs from drug overdoses could help transplant shortage

    One year ago - By ABC News

    Overdoses are fueling organ donations and new study offers reassurance that they can be an appropriate option for some transplant candidates
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  • Organs from overdose-death donors could alleviate organ donation shortage

    One year ago - By Healio

    Proper use of organs from people who die of overdose could help address the shortage of organs available for transplant, according to findings recently published in Annals of Internal Medicine.
    “Overdose-death donors often experience anoxic brain death and have few comorbidities; thus, their organs could have excellent recipient outcomes, similar to organs,” Christine M. Durand, MD of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and colleagues wrote. “However, might be designated as increased-infectious risk donors due to
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