• Science Uses MRIs To Prove Boys And Girls Are Equally Good At Math

    6 monthes ago - By Scary Mommy

    New research finds that young girls and boys have ‘indistinguishable' math abilities
    Previous data based primarily on test scores have shown that boys and girls are equally good at math, despite common misconceptions. But now, researchers also have brain imaging that proves young boys and girls both use the same brain mechanisms to solve math problems no matter their sex.
    The study , published today in the journal Science of Learning , followed 104 children from ages 3 to 10 and found similar patterns of brain activity in boys and girls as they engaged in basic math tasks .
    Boys + Girls =...
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  • Girls are just as good at math as boys, finds brain imaging study

    Girls are just as good at math as boys, finds brain imaging study

    6 monthes ago - By Daily Mail

    Carnegie Mellon University neuroscientists monitored the brain activity of boys and girls as well as men and women watching an educational video about basic math. Only maturity distinguished the activity.
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  • Brains of girls and boys are similar, producing equal math ability

    6 monthes ago - By ScienceDaily

    New research comprehensively examined the brain development of young boys and girls. Their research shows no gender difference in brain function or math ability.
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