• With Little Data to Guide Them, Pregnant Health Care Workers Are Stepping Up to Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19

    1 month ago - By Time

    Dr. Jacqueline Parchem, a maternal-fetal medicine physician at UTHealth in Houston, considers herself a private person. Even still, she logged on to Twitter on Dec. 22 and began drafting a series of posts.
    “Pregnant and unsure about the COVID19 vaccine?” she wrote in a tweet that has now been liked more than 3,000 times. “You're not alone. Got vaccinated today at 31 weeks and feel very fortunate. But it's complicated.”
    Over the course of nine tweets, Parchem broke down the thinking that went into her difficult decision to get vaccinated during pregnancy. Ultimately, she wrote, she decided...
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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Perfect Vid Of Getting A COVID Vaccine

    Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Perfect Vid Of Getting A COVID Vaccine

    1 month ago - By Scary Mommy

    Arnold Schwarzenegger nails it as he gets his COVID vaccine: “Come with me if you want to live!”
    It's pretty much impossible to not like Arnold Schwarzenegger , right? He's like, one of a handful of registered Republicans you don't immediately want to punch in the face (if you even could, because come on, it's ARNOLD). And he's been using his platform as a beloved action movie icon and former Governor of California to get his followers on board with a.) not doing terrorism and b.) getting the COVID vaccine .
    In a viral video posted to his social media accounts, Schwarzenegger is seen...
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  • Vaccination Appointments Canceled as States Run Low on Doses

    1 month ago - By Medscape

    As states ramp up their vaccination efforts, some say they're running out of COVID-19 vaccine, causing the cancellation of thousands of appointments for people expecting their first shot, the AP reported.
    WebMD Health News
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  • Israel Includes Pregnant Women on COVID-19 Vaccines Priority List

    1 month ago - By Medscape

    Israel has included pregnant women among those getting priority access to COVID-19 vaccines, seeing no risk to them or their foetuses, a senior public health official said on Wednesday.
    Reuters Health Information
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  • The U.S. Likely Can't Reach Herd Immunity Without Vaccinating Kids

    1 month ago - By The Atlantic

    A few days after Christmas, Molly Hering, 14, and her brother, Sam, 12, got their first shots as part of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trials for kids. Their mom had heard about a clinical trial being conducted at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and Molly told me that she'd agreed to join because she wanted to contribute to the vaccine-development effort. Molly and Sam's dad was recently hospitalized with COVID-19. Both kids have spent most of the past year dealing with Zoom school and its attendant technical glitches. Molly finally went back to in-person ninth grade this month, but masks...
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  • Watch Al Roker Get His First Dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine Live on ‘Today'

    1 month ago - By Mens health

    He spent the weekend trying to get an appointment.
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