• I'm A ‘Crunchy' Mom Who Vaccinates Her Kids. Here's Why

    6 monthes ago - By Scary Mommy

    My toddler is starting to sniffle and feels hot to touch. Something is brewing. I think, “Time to get the elderberry syrup .” I am a crunchy mom. Here's a glimpse of my crunchy life:
    - Essential oils
    - WaterWipes
    - Breastfeeding a toddler
    - Flame retardant-free car seat
    - Zero-VOC paint
    - Organic food when possible
    - Bradley method
    - Childbirth with a doula, no pain meds, no epidural
    -... and countless other examples
    Not that these are best, but they are choices I have personally made. I don't like toxins or risking unnecessary harm for my child or my family. And I am 100% for vaccination...
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