• One Teacher's Way Of Finding The Lonely Kids Is Pure Brilliance

    9 monthes ago - By Scary Mommy

    Doyle's message of inclusion and loneliness rings truein the wake of the most recent school shooting
    With the horrific events in Florida last week where 17 innocent people lost their lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School , a post is resurfacing from several years back about the importance of inclusion and really seeing those around you.
    Glennon Doyle, a bestselling author and founder of the online community. Momastery , wrote about an interaction with her son Chase's teacher, Kathy Pitt, and the educator's method for finding the lonely kids. It's so poignant and relevant to what's...
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  • How to talk to your children about school shootings

    How to talk to your children about school shootings

    9 monthes ago - By NBC News

    Megyn Kelly talks to psychologist Jennifer Hartstein and school psychologist Tom Kersting about the Florida school shooting. Hartstein says "kids have gotten more anxious" and Kersting agrees that due to the impact of social media, "We're seeing a tremendous amount of mental health issues, a sort of lack of reality."
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