• New mechanism that impairs Treg differentiation and stability in type 1 diabetes discovered

    9 monthes ago - By News Medical

    Regulatory T cells prevent excessive immune reactions in healthy people. In the development of autoimmune type 1 diabetes, this protection is not sufficiently effective.
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  • A new type of forceps for stabilizer removal after NUSS procedure

    9 monthes ago - By Journal of Pediatric Surgery

    This paper describes the design and application of a new type of forceps for stabilizer removal after NUSS procedure. The forceps are made up of two strips of streamline forceps, which is composed of forceps handle and forceps head. One forceps head was designed as “Y” shaped, with an “L” shaped convex teeth set on each tip. It protrudes a small cylinder on the end platform of the other forceps head. Compared to the traditional operation method, with utilization of the forceps for stabilizer removal, it is expected that the operation time will be shortened and the bleeding will be reduced.
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