• I F*cking Hate Halloween, And Here's Why

    6 monthes ago - By Scary Mommy

    Brace yourself, folks. I have a confession.
    Here goes: I fucking HATE Halloween.
    And I'm not just talking mild annoyance at the pumpkin spice explosion. Or cringe-worthy frustration at the inappropriate costumes. Or eye-rolling nausea at the obnoxious hashtags and photo shoots. mommyslittlepumpkin makemebarf
    I hate it all. I despise it. In fact, I downright loathe Halloween.
    I'm the Halloween Grinch, and here's why.
    1. Costume stress.
    Around our house, the Great Costume Debate typically starts sometime in early September and lingers right on through mid-October. First, there is the...
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