• American doctors once RECOMMENDED cigarette smoking for pregnant women

    5 monthes ago - By Natural News

    Knowing what we all know now about cigarettes, it seems insane that doctors used to recommend smoking to pregnant women, saying it would control their weight gain, calm their nerves, prevent hysteria, help with digestion of foods, and regulate stress. This was all published in books and scripted for advertisements endorsed by medical...
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  • USPSTF recommends HBV screening in pregnant women

    USPSTF recommends HBV screening in pregnant women

    5 monthes ago - By Healio

    The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has released a draft recommendation that pregnant women be screened for hepatitis B virus infection at the first prenatal visit to prevent infection in newborns.
    “The number of pregnant women who have the hepatitis B virus has increased by more than 5% every year for the past 2 decades, despite the fact that we have an effective way to screen for the infection and prevent it from being passed from mothers to their babies,” Melissa Simon, MD, MPH, the George H. Gardner Professor of Clinical Gynecology, the vice chair of clinical research
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