• One in 7 Babies Exposed to Zika Have Health Problems, CDC Says

    6 monthes ago - By Medscape

    The CDC issues updated guidance for couples planning to become pregnant after possible exposure to Zika virus.
    Medscape Medical News
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  • Zika causes health concerns in 14% of infants exposed in US territories

    6 monthes ago - By Healio

    Robert R. Redfield Peggy Honein
    A report issued by the CDC shows that approximately 14% of infants - or one in seven - infected with Zika virus in utero within U.S. territories have one or more health issues at 1 year of age.
    The organization notes that some of these issues, including brain and eye damage, seizures and vision and hearing problems, are not always evident at birth.
    “We are still learning about the effects of Zika, and it might be years before we fully understand the full spectrum of the health outcomes related to Zika infection during pregnancy,” Robert R.
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  • Study: 1 in 7 children of Zika-infected moms have problems

    6 monthes ago - By ABC News

    Researchers say the one in seven children of U.S. mothers who were infected with Zika during pregnancy developed some kind of health problem
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