• Who Can Get Their Husband To Wear A Man Bun? Anyone?

    One year ago - By Scary Mommy

    You can now buy a clip-on man bun
    Us girls do an awful lot of ridiculous crap in the name of youth and beauty, right? Like, I sit around on Saturday nights looking like some kind of demon in a dark green face mask. I spend one million hours per year shaving, plucking, dyeing, makeup-ing, blowdrying, moisturizing, and pedicuring.
    Now the idea of a dude clipping a pretend man bun to his head doesn't sound so ridiculous, does it?
    Thankfully, I'm not just a dreamer - this is actually a thing you can buy and subtly suggest your partner give a whirl. Check it out. I'm weirdly mesmerized.
    In case...
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