• I Had The Sex Talk With My Kid, And We Both Survived

    One year ago - By Scary Mommy

    Last year, during the drive home from piano practice, my 7-year-old daughter blurted, “Mommy, I understand that the sperm fertilizes the egg, and that makes a baby, but how does the sperm get to the egg in the mom's belly?”
    No preamble. No warmup. No “Where do babies come from?” Just BAM!!! How does the sperm get to the egg?
    I turned down the Hamilton soundtrack as I tried not to choke on my own spit. WTF? My son was 10 when we had this talk, and I was prepared with a stack of age-appropriate books. I was not prepared to delve into the mechanics of sex with my 7-year-oldon a casual drive...
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  • Daddy-daughter day! Neil Patrick Harris and 7-year-old Harper hit the town

    One year ago - By NBC News

    The pair spent some quality time for lunch... and even got pedicures!
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