• Corrigendum to ‘Visual Pathway Injuries in Pediatric Ocular Trauma - A Survey of the National Trauma Data Bank from 2008-2014' (Pediatric Neurology 85 (2018) 43-50)

    10 monthes ago - By Pediatric Neurology

    In the methods section, at the end of the third to last paragraph, we wrote “All patients were diagnosed with TBI as the VPI ICD-9-CM codes are included in the Center for Disease Control criteria.” However, the specific CDC criteria include ICD-9CM codes 950.1-950.3 and exclude 950.0 and 950.9 (injury to unspecified optic nerve and pathways). We included these two diagnoses because they are visual pathway injuries and represent traumatic brain injury as they are insults to the nervous system.
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