• Mom's Story Goes Viral After Fidget Spinner Lands Her Daughter In The Hospital

    One year ago - By Scary Mommy

    A piece of the fidget spinner got stuck in her daughter's esophagus
    If you have a kid over the age of five, chances are good that you also have a fidget spinner or six in your house . The popular toys have taken over with the grade school set in recent months, but aren't without their risks, as this story of a child swallowing one of the pieces and ending up in surgery proves.
    Texas mom Kelly Rose Joniec explains the “eventful” Saturday that ended with her daughter in surgery to remove a piece from a fidget spinner that had gotten lodged in the child's throat.
    Janiec writes that on the way...
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  • After a Fidget Spinner Sent Her Daughter to the Hospital, Mom's PSA Is Going Viral

    After a Fidget Spinner Sent Her Daughter to the Hospital, Mom's PSA Is Going Viral

    One year ago - By Time

    Fidget spinners are the “it” toy right now, especially among primary-school kids. But a mom in Texas is warning parents about a potential danger, after her daughter nearly choked on a metal bushing and needed emergency surgery to remove it.
    Kelly Rose Joniec posted about the harrowing experience Monday on Facebook, and her post has since been shared more than 440,000 times. In the post, she writes that she was driving her daughter Britton home from a swim meet when she heard an “odd retching noise” coming from the back seat.
    “Looking back in the mirror, I saw her face turning red and drool...
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  • Mom warns about fidget spinner choking hazard after girl needs surgery

    One year ago - By NBC News

    A Texas mom says her daughter ended up in the emergency room after accidentally swallowing part of the hot new toy.
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