• I'm In My 30s And I'm Finally Ready To Come Out

    7 monthes ago - By Scary Mommy

    I'm going to jump right in and get real with y'all. It's time to get something off my chest, because the weight of it is just too damn heavy to hold anymore. I've been living for over 20 years with an epic secret only a few people know.
    You ready? Okay. Here goes nothin'.
    My name is Lindsay Wolf, and I'm bisexual.
    Courtesy of Lindsay Wolf
    I'm just going to repeat that because dayummm, that felt good to say out loud! I, Lindsay Wolf, love the dudes and the ladies.
    If I'm being 100% honest - which I want to be, duh! - I should inform you that I also love everyone else too. Basically since I...
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