• C-Sections Aren't ‘Easy,' So Let's STFU About Women's Birth Experiences

    One year ago - By Scary Mommy

    Proving he's been a handful right from the start, my youngest son tried to roundhouse-kick his way out of my uterus.
    He's my fourth child, so by then I was pretty sure I knew what to expect when I was expecting. I had been laboring along nicely, waiting for the Angel of Mercy - I mean, the anesthesiologist - to administer my epidural, when things took an unanticipated turn during a routine dilation check. Wrist-deep in my business, the nurse started to look concerned.
    “I feel a nodule,” she said.
    “A... nodule? ” I asked, fear creeping into my throat. “Like... a bump? Like... on his...
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