• Overactive neutrophils may drive life-threatening blood clots in some COVID-19 patients

    10 days ago - By News Medical

    Scientists have new evidence that overactive neutrophils-a common type of circulating immune cell-may drive the life-threatening blood clots and inflammation that occur in some patients with COVID-19.
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  • This Is Life In The New COVID-19 Hotspot

    This Is Life In The New COVID-19 Hotspot

    10 days ago - By Scary Mommy

    I was eating Li'l Debbie Pecan Spinwheels for breakfast the other day, because only God can judge me, when I couldn't find any more. I asked my husband if we had any more in the car, and he went digging, only to return empty-handed. I went to protein bars. “You know, one day, I'll be able to say, hey, we're out of Spinwheels, and you'll say, hey, I'll go get some,” I told him, sort of sagging when I did. “Yeah,” he said, just as sadly. “Yeah, I will just be able to like, leave.” This stupid exchange, the smallness of it all: this is life in a COVID-19 hotspot .
    Because we can't “just leave...
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