• Why I Won't Cry When My Child Starts Kindergarten

    6 monthes ago - By Scary Mommy

    In a few weeks I'll hand over the keys to my most valuable commodity: my child.
    She'll march into kindergarten, without me. She'll eat lunch, laugh, sing, read stories, and start creating her own. Without me.
    Courtesy of Stephanie Hanrahan
    She'll probably never seem smaller and more incapable than she will on the day I drop her off.
    Is she ready? Did we do enough? Will the wrong people break her incredible spirit?
    I don't know. Because she'll be doing it all without me.
    A lot of what we're about to experience is the unknown. The start of school is a beginning, and beginnings are usually...
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  • I won't cry when my child starts kindergarten

    I won't cry when my child starts kindergarten

    6 monthes ago - By NBC News

    "When it comes time to part ways, there will be no tears from either of us."
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