• Justin Timberlake Is Being Dad-Shamed Over A Photo Of Son's Long Hair

    9 monthes ago - By Scary Mommy

    Justin Timberlake is being dad-shamed because his son has long hair
    Justin Timberlake posted a really cute picture of his son Silas and his wife Jessica Biel in Paris. Cool, great, end of story, right? Well, not quite. People had ~thoughts~ about the fact that Silas has long hair. Some serious dad-shaming went down, and the whole thing was completely ridiculous.
    Here's the picture in question. Adorable, right?
    Now, here are some of the Instagram comments.
    So, yeah, people are actually offended by the fact that this 3-year-old boy wants to have long hair. They also seemed pretty deadset on...
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