• 1 In 3 Parents Don't Plan On Getting Their Children The Flu Vaccine This Year

    26 days ago - By Scary Mommy

    According to a new poll, one-third of American parents don't plan on getting their kids a flu shot this year - despite the COVID-19 pandemic
    Every year the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone - including children over the age of six months - get a flu shot. Not only can the annual jab prevent the flu, but it can also decrease the severity of an infection if someone does happen to get the flu - which can potentially be life-saving as up to 61,000 people die every year from the illness. Seeing as though we are in the midst of a deadly pandemic, health experts...
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  • 33% of Parents Won't Get Flu Shots for Their Kids

    33% of Parents Won't Get Flu Shots for Their Kids

    26 days ago - By Web MD

    Parents who didn't take their children for a flu shot last year are least likely to do so this year , while parents who took their child for a flu shot last year were most likely to do so again , according to the survey.
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