• Incarceration rates linked to elevated risk for premature death

    1 month ago - By Healio

    Increased incarceration rates in counties across the U.S. were linked to increased risk for mortality from infectious diseases, chronic lower respiratory disease, substance abuse, suicide and multiple other causes, according to research published in Lancet Public Health.
    “Our findings underscore public health benefits of reducing jail incarceration and the importance of interventions to mitigate the harmful effects of mass imprisonment on community health, including community-based treatment for substance use disorder and greater investment in social services,” Sandhya Kajeepeta, a
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  • Only 4% Of U.S. Kids Live In Counties Where Schools Should Be Fully Open

    Only 4% Of U.S. Kids Live In Counties Where Schools Should Be Fully Open

    1 month ago - By Scary Mommy

    A New York Times analysis of the CDC's guidelines for reopening elementary schools posits that very few U.S. counties even meet the CDC's thresholds for in-person learning
    In the last few weeks, the CDC, along with many states that previously barred in-person classroom learning, have been making a concerted effort to get kids back in classrooms , however, by the CDC's own guidelines , only 4% of our nation's kids live in areas that actually meet their thresholds to safely reopen schools, leaving everyone to utter a big “huh?”
    Despite Biden's push to reopen schools and the CDC's own...
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