• After Riot Lockdown at the Capitol, Congresspeople Are Starting to Report Positive COVID-19 Cases

    6 days ago - By PopSugar

    On Wednesday, Jan. 6, when rioters stormed the US Capitol , Congresspeople had to evacuate and shelter together - hundreds of them. Members of the House received emails that weekend from the Congress attending physician warning that they may have been exposed to "another occupant" with COVID-19. They were encouraged to monitor for symptoms and get tested accordingly. Since, three members of Congress have confirmed testing positive for the virus, and many are reporting that fellow members refused to wear masks while sheltering indoors .
    Though much of Congress received their first doses of...
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  • Florida reports nearly 15k new coronavirus cases, 156 resident deaths

    Florida reports nearly 15k new coronavirus cases, 156 resident deaths

    6 days ago - By Orlando Sentinel

    Florida's resident death toll from coronavirus rose to 23,227 with the addition of 156 more reported fatalities on Tuesday while also adding 14,896 more positive COVID-19 cases to bring the total to 1,503,482.
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  • I'm COVID-19 Positive & Asymptomatic

    I'm COVID-19 Positive & Asymptomatic

    6 days ago - By Scary Mommy

    “Sara...you're positive .”
    The words hit me hard. I mean, what??!!?? How is that even POSSIBLE?
    And if I'm positive, why is the rest of my family negative? My daughter started crying. My son was silent. My husband assured me that it had to be a false positive. I tried to process what was happening.
    My mind started racing. Was it true? It had to be true. I had felt a headache come on earlier this morning, but I did drink my coffee a little later than usual. I had felt a little achy the day before, but we'd just gotten a new mattress, and I always feel sore after a night in a new bed. Oh...
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