• The Challenge Of Parenting A 12-Year-Old

    8 monthes ago - By Scary Mommy

    Sometimes, the laughter that roars from her mouth breaks boundaries.
    I open my eyes and she makes faces at her phone screen. Pouty lips and mascaraed eyes, naive and bold. The world is her oyster, and she is on the edge of discovery.
    She is as moody as a 12-year-old should be, but she bounces back, and crawls into my soul. She is every-day lounge wear that is comforting and warm. A safe space. A quick curl of her lip, and we are giddy - laughing over nonsense.
    In my eyes, she shimmers. Her easy ways. Her silliness. Her wanting me around. She is an athlete, a smart-ass, and a swearer. Two...
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